We have a startup culture. We take risks to create the new.


“How can I innovate today?” is any Chifco talent’s daily thought.


Besides mastering today’s technology, we are striving to invent tomorrow’s.


We are a family and teamwork is why we succeed.


We believe in giving the best service and an added value.


We are here to help take back control. Every Chifco initiative complies with this goal.


We integrate our solutions and our clients’ solution. This service is reserved for our corporate clients.


We do missions for our clients, based on Chifco’s core business, i.e. IoT, Big Data, Energy Efficiency, etc.


We develop on-the-field marketing campaigns for our clients and develop digital marketing campaigns.


We develop cloud solutions and added-value services and content for telco actors’B2B offers.


Chifco, in partnership with Deloitte, Microsoft, and Mazam is currently working on an energy efficiency study about the MENA region, based on our Smart Life solution. This study is commissioned by the World Economic Forum.

Life at chifco

  • «I love working at a dynamic startup. That is why Chifco is a great fit for me. If I could describe life at Chifco in two words they would be talent and perseverance. The work atmosphere is great and the team is current and promising. We all know we are here to be awesome, create the new, and empower Tunisia.»

    Rim Zouabi Bolger- Chief Marketing Officer, Chifco
  • «When I joined Chifco three years ago, I enjoyed the small company feel and ability to make a difference. The caliber of talent on the team, the continual challenges I am presented with are the reasons I stay at Chifco. Joining it was a great career choice for me. At Chifco, if you can put in the work you can shine. We really believe that innovation starts with people.»

    Imen Gafsi Bougobba- Team Manager, Chifco
  • «I had the opportunity to integrate the strategy and operations department at Chifco, where I discovered a young and ever-changing sector. I had the good fortune of broadening my horizon and discovering useful, new work tools, among a dynamic team and in excellent work conditions. Life at Chifco allows you to thrive personally and to grow professionally.»

    Sinda Boukadida- Strategy & Business Analyst, Chifco
  • «Technically and sales-wise, Chifco is a dual challenge. It has the ambition to always go above and beyond. Chifco is a family, who understands the uniqueness of each of its members, who share the values of transparency and quality. Chifco is a family that reunites the extravagance of Dali, in thinking outside the box, and the “quick wins” approach of Bourguiba. Chifco is the dream of a capable and innovative youth, creating tomorrow’s transformations via software, which offers us limitless potential.»

    Amine Chouaieb- CEO, Chifco
  • «It takes time, work, and talent to create the new the way Chifco does. It is thanks to these talents and their daily hard work that we are able to create a new vision and a seemingly simple ambition: Give you the future today and make your life simpler.»

    Mehdi Karoui- Strategy & Organization Partner, Chifco

Media says


  • "I started my professional career with chifco and it was a great opportunity for me to explore a challenging and inspiring environment. Chifco is a great place to extend your technical skills, to get to work on some of the most up to date problematics. And most of all to collaborate with young and motivated teams."

    Maha Sghaier- IT-Conslting
  • "Even though Chifco is a startup in IoT, their solution plays the Role of a “Brain” in a Connected Home.
    Soon, people in the region will be amazed by the brand’s new life style application. What I can say is: be ready for it and experience the difference."

    Jason Li- Sales Manager at Everspring Industry, Chifco’s Device Partner
  • “Microsoft’s support of Chifco is a perfect illustration of our commitment to promote innovative ideas born in Tunisia with the potential to change local mindsets and impact the world by harnessing the latest technologies. We consider Chifco as a great success story that demonstrates how important startups are to develop local economies and encourage global investment.”

    Mohamed Bridaa- Country Manager, Microsoft Tunisia
  • “Contributing to Chifco’s growth and being able to engage with the whole team in Tunisia was a life-time experience. It was and it is always great to see such energy, to be part of the journey of a team, who aspires much more, not only to be awesome and empower Tunisia, but also to thrive and nurture the conditions for people to live better, healthier, happier and safer. An unique ‘zeitgeist’ I will carry forever with me”

    Andre Leidenheimer Ruiz Soler- Microsoft Canada


Creating a Better Future
10 April 2018

Creating a Better Future

The Mobile World Congress is one of the world’s largest events for the mobile industry. Since 2009, the MWC has managed to commingle captivating conferences with breathtaking trade fairs.

This year’s Mobile World Congress gathered over 2300 exhibitors from over 200 countries. The latter represent mobile operators, appliance manufacturers and technology suppliers, and showcase latest mobile innovations of special interest to the MWC attendees.

But why is it that twenty Tunisian exhibitors joined the Mobile World Congress 2018? And what impact does it have on you?

In addition to displaying its groundbreaking products and technologies, Chifco had the pleasure to participate in the mobile industry’s most critical discussions for mobile business leaders.

These are the five main topics that shaped this year’s gathering:


In December 2017, the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), has approved the first 5G NR specifications. This decision was soon followed by a series of major device and technology releases.

During the MWC, attendees had a peek at 5G technology in operation and witnessed a valuable debate about mobile network coverage and usage, as well as the growing role digitization will play in future networks.


Once here, 5G should help wireless networks provide more bandwidth as well as higher data transfer rates, and would demand devices with magnified capacities. Mobile manufacturers were actually very eager to announce their upcoming mobile releases during the event.


Artificial Intelligence is finally turning from fantasy to operating reality. How will it be affecting our future? In the Mobile World Congress, we covered the full spectrum of considerations and challenges to AI adoption. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.


The next generation of wireless technology will be the gateway to self-driving cars, virtual reality, augmented reality, and the next Internet of Things trends.

Chifco team was able to interact with some of the leading companies in the IoT space. This experience allowed us to exchange ideas on how to deploy IoT in different businesses. If you are interested in developing, delivering or partnering in IoT solutions, we will be happy to assist you with new approaches to consumer transparency.


Blockchains have quickly gained popularity in several industries. The blockchain technology offers a great promise for countless business applications.

“Robust software is important, but virtually any software-only security approach can be circumvented” Ken Wieland – Qualcomm Technologies

The main question that arises is: Are blockchains enough to reduce the security risks inherent in multiple, complex and interconnected systems; and secure consumers in an increasingly connected and intelligent world?

What now? With eminent products and technologies in hands, consumers are to consume more content than ever. We can help you prepare yourself for the data-driven future. Ask us how

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AI takes the wheel – Yay or Nay ?
2 February 2018

In 2017 Artificial intelligence “AI” was everywhere. It seemed like companies started adopting “AI”, including it in their value chain. From the beginning of 2018, “AI” become increasingly visible: From the opening of a second European center for artificial intelligence by Google, the big investment of 10 million dollars in artificial intelligence in France by Facebook, to the organization of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, an exhibition that showcased all startups’ and companies’ gadgets, devices and applications using AI technology.

How will Artificial Intelligence and smart devices likely revolutionize the way we live, move from a place to another and ship goods? The rise of driverless cars and soon air travel, freight shipping, and even public transport could be all revolutionized by the internet of things, used in combination with technologies like AI and Big Data.

By 2020, there could be 10 million self-driving cars on the road. Companies like Uber, Daimler Trucks, and Einride have already launched fully-autonomous freight shipping trucks. While this phenomenon may sound futuristic and cool, it will increase the likelihood that innocent citizens will have their privacy invaded. With cars gathering data on your destination, what you’re doing or saying and even your health state, your life will be no longer be a mystery to your fleet .Nonetheless to say that we are heading for a dystopian future with mass unemployment. It has been estimated that one third of the people in any advanced economy are engaged in transportation and their jobs will be gone as soon as self-driving cars are widely adopted.

But it is worth mentioning that the near future is very exciting, thus bringing a lot of benefits. Connected vehicles will save lives and be a solution for accidents caused by inattentive drivers thanks to sensors, cameras and other gadgets. Soon, most of people may replace their own cars, with driverless cars which will transport them to their destination and then go to fetch the next customer. People will no longer spend 1h per day stuck in traffic being stressed and in rush. In contrast, journeys will be relaxing, entertaining and friendly, providing access to the internet, video games, tchat …

AI benefits will also create new jobs, so what future jobs do you think will exist and will companies need in 2025?

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A look back at Chifco’s best 2017 moments
28 December 2017

2017 has been a challenging journey, full of inspiring achievements and moments of genuine hope for all of us. We had enjoyable moments and hard ones. But in the end, we rised and made it through 2017. One more year of arduous missions and successful projects!
By this special article, we want to thank every team member, business partner, organization, friend and family member that helped us to move forward and find a way to success. This wouldn’t have been possible without your support.
Let’s take a quick glance at some of the most 2017 memorable achievements within Chifco:

 1. Becoming an iot operator

 After many efforts and struggles, Chifco finally obtained its license as an operator dedicated to the internet of things in Tunisia. The license enables every company to set up a network for connected things and implement new intelligent solutions for Tunisians.

A look back at Chifco's best 2017 moments

   2.   Chifco under the spotlight

Chifco alongside its business partner J.Walter Thompson North Africa were shortlisted in the “Retail & Luxury” and “Shopper Marketing” categories thanks to the “Monoprix Go” campaign based on a augmented Reality Game. For those who don’t know it yet, the Effie Awards are prizes given by the American Marketing Association for the best advertising campaigns of the year.

Also, Chifco won the “Tunisia Youth Economic Opportunity and Civic Engagement” award, attributed by the EFE Tunisia.

And last but not least, Chifco received the HR prize, as an award for its practices in the management and development of human capital within its organization.

  3. An international presence

After the launch of the Smart Home solution in the Maldives, Chifco participated in many conferences and business exhibition fairs as part of its development strategy: Le Bourget in Paris, Vivatech at Les Portes de Versailles in Paris and the NxSE Forum at the Reunion Island.


 4.New partnerships

Chifco, Tunisie Telecom and the Tunisian transport company are willing to equip Tunisian buses with a Wifi connection. The project is real and studies are being conducted to fulfill every passenger’s dream: connect while taking the bus.

Chifco had a great year, but it’s not over. The question we should ask ourselves is “what 2018 is hiding from us?”  You will hear from us again very soon.

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